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Jailhouse Gallery

Art in the Jailhouse: Jan Novy

Art is a Partnership

June 25 – August 10

Artist Reception July 10, 5:00-7:00pm
Free and open to the public

Jan Novy painted when she could. Her last show was thirty-one and a-half years ago–six months before her son was born. Once her second child, a daughter was in school, Jan began to paint again–a private form of meditation.

Jan’s watercolors are quirky, intricate observations. Fonts and writing systems fascinated and inspired her. And that was the starting point for her paintings. Jan’s art became more non-representational over the years, favoring patterns and grids. She delved into experimenting with how color transformed these elements. Jan took photos of street grates in Paris, rows of cabbage near Prague, and avenues of standing stones in Scotland and used these snapshots to inform her work.

Jan almost always works with watercolors on paper–working from dry to wet and light to dark with the paints.

Novy’s paintings are mostly delicate in size, but commanding in content, and detail. Each is a meditation on pattern. Viewing takes time, a meditation for the viewer that reveals tiny details and whim. Her larger works are equally intriguing and display exactness and control.