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Arts Education in a New Era

Two Myrna Loy teaching artists visit classrooms virtually

The Next Generation of Songwriters

East Helena 4th Graders Write Original Songs

Rockin’ on Rodney

Celebrating Community

Martha Redbone Shakes Things Up

Students were enthralled with stories of Martha's past and present

A Daily Practice

Advice from Jeffrey Foucault

Creative Resilience in our Kids

What does Covid learning look like?

Zooming in to Zoom Out

Local Teaching Artists respond to the moment

How to be fearless

Fearless creativity in the face of insurmountable challenges. That's the spirit of Ed Noonan.

Crazy trip around the sun

What is all this juice and all this joy?

The Stories We Tell

The universal way of getting someone’s attention is a story.

Helena students premiere ‘Headwaters’

Choir students performed a placed-based piece by Moira Smiley

Windmill, Headspin, Freeze!

Warren 4th graders breakdance their way through winter

Unseen gifts

What do you do to quietly (perhaps unseen) make our community better?
Family Events!: Engaging the full family through quality art
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Rockin’ on Rodney: Celebrating Community
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Crazy trip around the sun: What is all this juice and all this joy?
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Walking the neighborhood: How to start a conversation during a pandemic when it's below zero
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I call it Myrna therapy: "Everyone knows that art gives us the power to be our full selves - through the good, bad, ugly, and even the bald...."
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