A fresh look at East Helena: “East”

Just in case you missed the world premiere screening of “East,” the new short film written, directed, filmed, and produced by our East Helena filmmaking teens, you can have a look at it here. “East” was a collaboration between The Myrna Loy and MAPS Media Institute, who led our amazing team of young filmmakers through all phases of short-film production in 5 weekends. It was a blast, we all learned a lot. Director Austin Giarde said, “It was life-changing.” (But he’s been a budding filmmaker since 4th grade, so we knew it would be.)

The filmmaking team is: Austin Giarde, Erin Maxness, Lance Gonzalez, Holly Peterson, Evan Wright, Tara Atkins, Sylvia Schell, and Tanner Bailey. With a surprise cameo appearance by Mayor Jamie Schell!

Check it out. Many thanks to Greater Montana Foundation for supporting this project, and for being such good people.

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