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American Patchwork Quartet

Thursday, November 11, 2021

7:30 pm (show)
$24 (General)
All ages

Revel in the multicultural joy of American roots music.

From the founder of Ranky Tanky comes a new project celebrating the power of music to bring people together, even under the most trying circumstances.

If you’re looking for a musical experience that will take you to a whole new place, this is it.

First, the quartet themselves: American Patchwork Quartet is an eleventh-generation classical Hindustani musician, a drumming protégée of the late Ellis Marsalis, a first-call Issei jazz bassist, and a co-founder of Ranky Tanky, all joining together to unleash the unifying magic of music.

Their goal: to reclaim the immigrant soul of American Roots music. Each of these exceptional musicians brings a unique and powerful voice to re-interpreting American roots music.

APQ brings us the juice from centuries-old American folk songs that celebrate America’s immigrant roots. They showcase some of the songs that run deepest in our heritage, as interpreted by this very unique quartet, whose own roots reach back to Hindustan, Japan, the African-American diaspora, and Appalachia.

APQ digs deep to reveal how, even in times of extraordinary hardship, Americans have always found laughter, joy, beauty and peace in music. They remind us that across all cultures, music has provided a time tested balm for the soul.

This transcendent concert is a journey through each band member’s unique cultural background and musical tradition to land in the common ground of American folk music. (You’ll never hear “Wayfaring Stranger” the same way again.) You’ll come out a bit transformed yourself.



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