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IN DREAMS: The Art of Monica Gilles-Brings Yellow, Stella Nall, Salisha Old Bull, and Rachel Twoteeth

September 22, 2022


November 8, 2022

Opening Reception:

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

5:30 pm
7:00 pm

The Myrna Loy is honored to present the work of four Indigenous, women artists—Monica Gilles-Brings Yellow, Stella Nall, Salisha Old Bull, and Rachel Twoteeth.

Drawing from imagery, techniques, and knowledge of Indigenous culture, as well as the artists’ own links to their ancestry, this exhibition of Indigenous artworks has a collective sense of nostalgia … yet it is vibrantly modern. Monica, Stella, Salisha and Rachel are contemporary artists committed to forwarding Indigenous art in our Montana communities and beyond. The relevancy of content as well as the emotional expressions in their work reach across all cultures.

Monica Gilles-Brings Yellow is a self-taught Indigenous Artist raised on the Flathead Reservation. Monica uses non-traditional methods of painting (layers of resin, inks, gold leaf) to create richly colored abstract backgrounds in a style she refers to as “3-D collage.” She combines these 3-D elements with portraits of primarily Native American people to create a layered composition in which light and shadows change depending on viewpoint. Monica started painting, and inadvertently her art career, in the summer of 2019. Her hope is that her paintings exhibit a celebration of Native American cultures as well as spark dialogue.

Stella Nall is a First Descendant of the Apsáalooke Tribe. She draws from techniques and knowledge traditional to her culture, and is also inspired by aesthetics that speak to her contemporary experiences. Stella incorporates imagery and techniques from traditional native culture, such as beadwork and elk’s teeth. She works to challenge existing stereotypes and expectations that viewers may hold regarding what Indigenous art should look like, and strives help foster the understanding that Indigenous art is contemporary art.

Salisha Old Bull is a Salish/Crow artist who is motivated by the history and place-based knowledge of her ancestors. She believes that place provides a person their sense of self, allows them to grow intellectually, and enables them to explore their potential in life. Salisha’s art is influenced by cultural preservation and her cultural values.

Emerging artist, Rachel Twoteeth, is a member of the Little Shell Chippewa Tribe. Rachel creates with various mediums to express her modern identity while exploring her cultural roots. Her grandmother, Sharon Twoteeth, was a major influence. Rachel uses the ledger paper from her late grandmother’s store in some of her works, as a way of honoring and maintaining presence with her grandmother.

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