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Matters of Mind: Gift of Being Heard

May 17, 2022


June 15, 2022

Opening Reception:

Friday, May 20, 2022

5:30 pm
7:00 pm

In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, The Jailhouse Gallery welcomes more than two dozen creative individuals of a wide range of backgrounds, ages and diagnoses to a safe place to be seen and heard. While anonymous, and not for sale, the expressive artwork was created under the guidance of professional therapists at Healing Mountain Mental Health and Shodair Children’s Hospital.

We encourage you to take on an active listening role and contemplate just how much we can go through as humans, and how much we need each other. Speak into the ‘bottomless listener’; take a heart-token to share and show someone your care; take an encouraging pic at our fun selfie-spot and share it with someone special to you.

Each of the projects is accompanied by quotes directly shared by the artists or therapists, alongside educational information about common mental-health diagnoses, and a take home poetry booklet with a list of essential mental health resources in our community.

“The profoundly raw content of the artwork in the ‘Matters of Mind’ exhibition embodies a different kind of beauty than we expect from typical gallery walls. Behind each piece lives a story of our human experience.

When we lay bare our struggles and successes, our listeners also become an important part of our story. In presenting their artwork to us, the artists have given us a chance to honor each other’s value and given our community a chance to heal and grow.”

– Leah Cupino, Lead Curator for ‘Matters of Mind’

In collaboration with Shodair Children's Hospital
and Healing Mountain Mental Health

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