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Works on exhibit

November 18, 2020


March 31, 2021


The Myrna Loy Jailhouse Gallery celebrates local artists by exhibiting high-quality works in an ever-evolving exhibit.

All pieces on exhibit are for sale, and 75% of proceeds go directly to the artist. Please come in and support the creators who are working to bring more beauty and creative exploration into our community.

Beautiful new works by Amy Brakeman Livezey; landscapes by Barbara Rusmore and Tim Holmes; ceramics by Claire Horton; jewelry by Rock Wren Jewelry that uniquely celebrates the treasures of Montana; abstracts by Nan Parsons, Sarsten Noice, Steve Engle, and more; intriguing photographs by J M Cooper and Dutch Bieber.

Weekdays Noon – 9:00 pm | Saturdays 2:00-4:30

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