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Night Heron

Thursday, January 18, 2024

7:30 pm (show)
$20 (General)

Perfect for a January night: Night Heron creates quiet-storm R&B with slow tempos and warm, dark-syth patches to get us through the darkest month.

In an era of screaming, this is an experiment in radical hush. It’s a lo-fi synth with a comfortable rhythmic back bone, treated with an echo effect that helps build a hazy dream-like aura.

Night Heron is the creation of Cameron Spies, former frontman for Radiation City. After that band broke up, Cameron enlisted some of his favorite musicians for an album called “Instructions for Night.” The players on this record hail from other projects (currently or formerly) such as: Y La Bamba, Reptaliens, Nicole McCabe, and Aan.

Their sensuous dreamtones carry you, comfort you, bring light to whatever darkness your night entails, and maybe, in some ways, transform. “We are not doomed or saved—” they tell us, “we are transformed.”

Sponsored by Bloom Montana

Sponsored by Bloom Montana

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