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One Robe: Metis Culture Festival

Thursday, September 30, 2021

7:30 pm (show)
$25 (General)

One Robe: A Metis culture festival and tribute to Nicholas Vrooman

Discover and celebrate the beautiful, powerful Metis culture that shaped so much of Montana. Metis music and dance is a blend of French, Celtic, and Indigenous traditions. Metis technology fused the best from European and Indigenous knowledge to fuel the formation of Montana as a territory and state. The Metis are everywhere in the Montana story. Come discover something new about who we are.

This one-night event features:

Ryan Keplin — accomplished Metis Fiddler.

The Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers — 3 young Metis dancers from Winnipeg who blend traditional Metis dances with hip-hop and are attracting a new generation of young Metis into the jig tradition.

Acclaimed pianist Phil Aaberg — performing a musical tribute to Metis scholar and champion, Nicholas Vrooman.

Filmed story moments by Metis leaders, storytellers, and culture carriers.

And introducing young Metis fiddler Sapphire Ferguson-Jetty.


Full event schedule:

Wed Sept 29:

5:00 pm – Artist reception for Louis Still Smoking (free)

7:00 pm – Special screening of “Sisters Rising” film ($10)

Thurs Sept 30:

12:00 noon – Lecture: Metis historian Chris La Tray, “The Day That Finally Came” at the Montana Historical Society (free)

4:30 pm – Lecture: Scholar Brenden Rensink, “Native but Foreign: Indigenous Immigrants and Refugees in the Northern Borderlands” at the Montana Historical Society (free)

6:00 pm – Small Metis feast/reception with traditional meatball soup and Bannack bread (free)

7:30 pm – One Robe performance begins


One Robe is supported by:
National Endowment for the Arts
National Performance Network
Drumlummon Institute
Montana Historical Society
Montana Arts Council
William B. Pratt Endowment Fund
OPI Office of Indian Education


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