Storm Trickle Bloom

April 9, 2021


June 9, 2021

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Friday, April 9, 2021

6:00 pm
7:00 pm

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Exploring the temperament, expression and essence of water in nature

Watercolors by DD Dowden, Leah Cupino, and Janelle DeBray

DD Dowden‘s work is driven by her connection to the landscape. The immediacy of en plein air painting and the medium of watercolor matches the ever-changing mood and light of Montana’s land. The soothing qualities of the natural world re-tunes ones senses and balances emotions. Watercolor helps share the fleeting intimacy of this experience.

Leah Cupino nakedly offers up her preliminary watercolor studies of her ‘Glacier Series.’ This series dwells on the beauty of self-sacrifice as the last of the icy trickles find their way down Montana’s cliffs, and ice releases itself to water.

Janelle DeBray is a whimsical watercolor artist, incorporating bright colors and unique tools to bring to life the abstract nature of watercolor. Water is an active element of life; it flows together and breaks apart. The dance between pigment and water entices me during the creation process. Water, it’s grounded and yet so wild. Although beautiful, it’s less about the paint and more about the water.

All pieces on exhibit are for sale, and 75% of proceeds go directly to the artist. Please come in and support the creators who are working to bring more beauty and creative exploration into our community.

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