The Erotic Crisis: Classes with Tim Holmes

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

7:30 pm (show)

Every Tuesday through March 19th in the Jailhouse Gallery!

You’re invited to this unique opportunity, a discussion class addressing the value of the body in capitalist culture.

The Erotic Crisis; Valuing the Body in an Age of Puritan Porn

Like the natural environment, our bodies are exploited by many forces. Our bodies were created “sacred” according to our Christian creation myths. But in a culture that is at once Puritan and pornographic, do we feel flesh is still sacred, or is it just another commodity to be exploited? How do we live responsibly Christian body lives that honor our safety and desires in a dangerous and erotic world?

This free 6-week class, wrapped around some of Tim Holmes’s award-winning short “Body Psalms” films, invites dialog between separate value systems–personal, corporate and religious–that each one of us engages in our own way, but that are rarely addressed together. The current devaluation of the body as akin to climate change; a world problem that, regardless of whether we ignore it or face it, will increasingly effect our lives. Tim has taught this class around the nation and now brings it home.

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