Two Generations: Roots in Color

January 6, 2020


March 4, 2020

Opening Reception:

Friday, January 24, 2020

5:30 pm
7:00 pm

Two Montana artists—one from Kalispell, the other now located in L.A.—bring an exhibit of vibrant expressionist works to the Jailhouse Gallery.

The principal cohesive element in this show is color.  Even though Sarsten and Marshall Noice paint very different subject matter, and use different media, their work is rooted in the same vibrant palette. The juxtaposition of divergent subject matter and color convergence makes for a stimulating and tensional visual experience for the viewer. The works in the show were curated to emphasize these common elements.  It was not challenging to find works that paired in this fashion.  The father and daughter artists’ color sensibility has a similar resonance.  Imprinted by DNA perhaps?

Landscape painter Marshall Noice works in many media—photography, oil and pastel, and printmaking in etching, collagraph, and monotype. In all his works he focuses on evoking a sense of place. He uses color as an emotional force to make vivid the details, whorls, and moments that Nature paints more quietly. “The result is a canvas that, for all its openess and simplicity, seems to vibrate with life,” writes Tulsa World.

Sarsten Noice’s paintings focus on transformation, hybridity, and magic—”the juxtaposition of the modern human with ancient spirituality,” she says.

“The figures in my work act as guides, rooted in Native American stories and culture. The Crow and Raven represent transformative energy.  They bring healing and are exposers of truth. I wish to create images that evoke primal memory and disorient the ego.”

This exhibit combines both perspectives in a show that is vibrant, eye-popping, and joyous. Come celebrate two artists who don’t show in Helena very often.

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