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Brew & View: Almost Famous

Thursday, July 25, 2024

6:30 pm (doors open)
8:00 pm (show)
$22 (With Alcohol )
$12 (Non-Alcohol)

Dive into Cameron Crowe’s nostalgia-pumped classic with us in this Summer’s first Brew & View – and experience again the pain of a first love,  and the healing chaos of music, friendship and a voyage into the life of a rock star.

In 1973, aspiring rock journalist William Miller (Patrick Fugit) is given an assignment by Rolling Stone magazine. Namely, spend some time with the rock band Stillwater to write an in-depth article on them. At first, his mother (Frances McDormand) is reluctant about the idea of her son spending time with rock stars, but she eventually acquiesces. William’s journey soon takes him across early-1970s America, where he finds there’s more to being a journalist than just writing about music.


Cameron Crowe


Billy Crudup

Kate Hudson

Jason Lee

Patrick Fugit

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Frances McDormand



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