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Monthly (Recurring) Membership

Membership at the Myrna Loy

Giving is an art — you gotta do it your own way!

Members of the Red Carpet Club provide much-needed consistency to the Myrna Loy by giving recurring monthly donations. Monthly donors receive all the benefits related to their annual membership level described below. Your Red Carpet Club membership can be set up to charge your credit card or come directly from your bank account each month, and of course, you may cancel at any time.

If an annual membership with a single payment option works best for you, then that is the best way to become a member today!

  • I Belong at the Myrna
    • Supports the Myrna Loy’s Mission PLUS
    • Two of the ever “POPular” free popcorn tickets
    • $5 per month OR
    • $60 per year
  • Meet Me at the Myrna
    • Above benefits PLUS
    • 4-punch Discount Card for Films and Live Performances
    • $10 per month OR
    • $120 per year
  • I Love the Myrna
    • Above benefits PLUS
    • Increase to a 6-Punch Discount Card
    • $20.84 per month OR
    • $250 per year
  • Hometown Star
    • Increase to four free popcorn tickets PLUS
    • Increase to a 12-Punch Discount Card!
    • $41.67 per month OR
    • $500 per year
  • Myrna’s Circle
    • Support the mission of the Myrna Loy
    • Four free popcorn tickets
    • 2 FREE tickets to any live performance, PLUS
    • invitations to special events, receptions, etc.
    • $83.34 per month OR
    • $1000 per year

Buy a Brick

Buying a brick for the Myrna Loy Walk of Fame supports the mission of the Myrna Loy while commemorating your generous support in stone! Put your name (or that of a loved one) amongst those who’ve invested the most over the years in the Myrna Loy.

Buy a commemorative brick for the Myrna Loy Walk of Fame

Business Sponsors

Business Sponsors support the on-going mission of the Myrna Loy, while also receiving direct benefits to their organization and employees. Choose the option that works best for you:

  • $250 – Supporter
  • $500 – Film Sponsor
  • $1000 – Live Program Sponsor
  • $2500 – Season Sponsor
  • $5000 – Business Partner

Business Sponsors Transform Everything!

Become a Business Sponsor


Encore! is The Myrna Loy’s planned giving society. Its members have committed to supporting The Myrna Loy for the long term by including The Myrna Loy in their will or setting up another type of planned giving instrument to benefit The Myrna Loy.

If you have already named The Myrna Loy (or Helena Presents) in your will, or set up another type of planned giving instrument to benefit The Myrna Loy, please contact Director Krys Holmes at [email protected] or 406-443-0287 ext. 35 so we can properly recognize you as a member of Encore!

If you want to learn more about planned giving that can financially benefit you, your heirs, and The Myrna Loy, just ask your qualified financial advisor.

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