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How do you express despair?

One of the most important ways The Myrna Loy serves the community is by providing a safe space for the fragility of creation to take form. Sometimes we commission new works by pro artists like Unit Souzou and their “Constant State of Otherness” performance. Or we showcase fabulous local performers like Hard Hugs, who play here tonight.

This month our Jailhouse Gallery features a new exhibit by almost 30 young creators who have expressed through art their experiences with mental health diagnoses. Working with their therapists, these young artists invite us to enter into their worlds. Their art invites us to align our own hearts with theirs, to let their art express what is so difficult to convey.

It’s a lively, complex, and moving exhibit that veers from despair to humor, from struggle to whimsy. There are invitations here to listen, to contribute in different ways, even to share selfies. Art can be a powerful instrument to dissolve stigmas, to stimulate difficult conversation, and to help us understand each other’s worlds.

Please come see this important exhibit before June 15. Help us honor these young artists who have been brave enough to step into the sacred space of creation and share their fragile inner worlds with us.

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