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Grants To Artists

Supporting working artists through Covid-19

The Myrna Loy Grants to Artists program pivots to help working artists get through the Covid-19 crisis.

This month we are offering a few cash grants of $500 each to working artists who are financially challenged by the Corvid-19 shutdown of arts activities.

Who qualifies for consideration?

  • If you’re a working artist who makes a significant portion of your income through your art;
  • If your art-based income has been significantly reduced because of the Corvid-19 shutdowns;
  • If you are a permanent resident of Lewis & Clark, Jefferson, or Broadwater County.

If you qualify, check out our questions below, then click at the bottom to begin your survey.

Deadline is Thursday, May 7.

Questions we will ask:

  • Your contact information, including permanent residence address, and other qualifying questions
  • ¬†What percentage of your income is earned through your art?
  • How have the Covid-19 shutdowns affected your ability to make a living through your art?
  • What project were you in the middle of working on, and how did the shutdown affect your work?
  • What are you still able to work on, and what is holding you up?
  • If you received a Myrna Loy Grants to Artists award of $500, what would you use it for?
  • What else do you want us to know about your situation, your work, or this application?

You will then be asked to email 3 work samples:

  • 1 example of a work in progress–whatever that is, however you can show it;
  • 1 example of a recent work, to demonstrate artistic excellence; and
  • 1 example that shows your best work ever.

(The application asks for a description of your 3 work samples.)





[email protected]


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