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Episode 6: Hard Hugs

Thursday, March 18, 2021


The Myrna Soundstage, Presented by AARP Montana, is an exciting series of fresh performances filmed on The Myrna Loy stage, along with artist interviews by local musician John Dendy.

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This episode features the misty hot jams of Hard Hugs.

Hard Hugs just wants to make you move. This band is a creative collision of four musicians working in different musical languages—from quiet singer/songwriter, to brash rocker, to retro-futuristic synthwave. Together they produce a series of “misty hot jams,” that reflect a completely different glimpse of the Montana soundtrack.

Lenny Eckhardt (Synths, Guitar, Vocals), Regan Clancy (Vocals, Bass), Jon Anderson (Drums, Vocals), and Joshua Loveland (Synths, Percussion, Vocals).

If the term “retro-futuristic synthwave” throws you about a bit, have a listen. It’s a little bit of electronica, a touch of punk, sometimes just a really cool song. And it all makes you want to dance—or at least wiggle around rhythmically. This 4-tet of young creatives is worth listening to.



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