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Hemispheres with Amber Olsson

Thursday, August 4, 2022

7:30 pm (show)

Tickets Available July 5th.

This concert will be filmed for a future episode of The Myrna Soundstage. The 70-minute performance is followed by an onstage interview by musician John Dendy.

Hemispheres draws together two musicians, Kate Plummer (guitar) and Maren Haynes Marchesini (cello), from the distant regions of Oceania and North America. They will perform with vocalist Amber Olsson.

Kate, originally from Australia, grew up in urban Sydney, playing in the city’s international jazz, blues, and rock scene, and traveled the world as a performer. Kate honed her eclectic playing style in the country and blues band The Margharitas, and later collaborated with esteemed producer Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil) on a series of solo albums.

Maren, born and raised in a small college town in Montana, earned a Doctorate in ethnomusicology studying with master musicians from Ireland, Ghana, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Tanzania, and elsewhere, while playing in indie rock bands in Seattle and San Francisco.

Kate initially invited Maren to write a cello part for one track, and the collaboration blossomed into a sonically rich, emotionally dense full-length album.

Their debut album, The Corners Of Mountains,  is inspired by guitarist James Taylor’s collaboration with cellist Yo Yo Ma, the album celebrates acoustic space and simplicity, conjuring Montana’s mountains, rivers, lakes, and vast open terrain. The album, built on Kate’s tender, instrumental songwriting, weaves this evocative scenic spaciousness into the writer’s emotionally complex life season. The album processes unforeseen grief, loss, migration, and nostalgia—and celebrates the havens of joy, discovery, and faith.

Singer/songwriter Amber Olsson has honed her evocative lyrics and unique style through two decades of collaboration and musical influences that give her music echoes of folk, pop and acoustic traditions.

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