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Thursday, January 12, 2023

7:30 pm (show)
$15 (General)

Start your year out with a bop – a driving, layered sound that will launch you into the New Year with energy and the courage to face it all. Matt Batey creates a textured soundtrack for moving forward, for getting better, for working through fears, anxieties, addictions and failures. This isn’t therapy, it’s indie rock with some pretty killer songs.

This concert will be filmed for a future episode of The Myrna Soundstage.

More about Matt Batey:

No platitudes or love songs here—only raw interior monologue and deep character analysis. For most us, this stuff is hard to confront and even harder to articulate. Batey’s lyrics are pointedly specific—so much so that they’re immediately relatable. And they’re set to soaring tunes that are beautifully, earnestly upbeat. Amid his brilliance and artistry, Batey exposes himself as one of us. That’s his purpose and his gift, spelled out in Ruler’s bold, beautiful songs: Life hurts, but it’s great, and that’s it.

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