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IGN Visits CRA

Students in Kevin Cleary’s music tech class at CR Anderson Middle School enjoyed a visit last week from world-renowned guitarist Luca Stricagnoli prior to his evening performance with IGN (International Guitar Night) at The Myrna Loy. Luca amazed students with his Reversed Triple Neck Guitar (his own invention!) and his rhythmic Fingerstyle playing. He played a variety of tunes and engaged students in some lively question-and-answer conversation.

Cleary’s music students had just finished a guitar unit, in which they acquired basic guitar skills, so having the opportunity to spend time with such a talented, creative, and unique guitarist was a wonderful opportunity for them. Bringing high-caliber artists like Luca into our community and schools, and thereby providing students with opportunities that they may not otherwise get to experience, is one of the things we most enjoy here at The Myrna Loy!

Special thanks to Luca Stricagnoli for sharing his time, skill, and passion and to Mr. Cleary’s class for so warmly welcoming Luca into their classroom. Thank you, also, to Blue Cross Blue Shield for helping to make educational opportunities like this one possible.

Photo Credit: Mia Crivello

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