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Is this the change you meant?

Notice any changes around The Myrna Loy lately?  We held a community visioning session in 2017, inviting people to imagine what their ideal local culture center would be like. Then, as part of a nationwide initiative with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we landed a grant to help make some of that vision come true. You might be noticing some of those changes this year:

You asked for more community conversations and talkbacks around films, live arts, and current events. We created the Pub @ The Myrna Loy, where you can gather with friends, clubs, and groups, to share, talk, think, and have some snacks. Be public! It’s another way to listen to each other. (And listening goes better with locally made organic kombucha!)

You asked for more support for young musicians. We became fiscal sponsors for Helena Youth Orchestra and Helena Youth Chorus—two fine groups led by amazing artists who should spend their time teaching and not doing administrative tasks.

You hoped The Myrna Loy could become more of a home for emerging musicians, writers, and media students. We hope songwriters and instrumentalists will come try out new work in our Pub. We’re jam-packed with films, performances, rentals, and special events every night of the year—but if the after-school or after-work time is creative time for you, bring it on over. We’re open.

You asked for nicer bathrooms. You got ‘em.

More than 80 of you chimed in at our Design Lab at Uncorked this year, offering feedback as we designed a new logo. With a town full of artists, who wouldn’t value your advice? We did… we developed a graceful, dynamic new image that’s as modern and classy as Myrna Loy herself.

Another thing you asked for: To more widely inform our community of all the projects activities initiatives, and events that The Myrna Loy is making happen. Too many people in our town don’t know what we do. “The Myrna is more than a place—it’s a creative force,” one participant said. We loved that. We’re building a communications plan around it.  And truly, that’s what we on the staff and board love most about The Myrna Loy, too.

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