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Kings Return

“Ok, number one, you guys are incredible. And number two, we sang one of those songs in my choir!”

It would be difficult to imagine a more enthusiastic welcome than the artists of Kings Return received from students at Central School and Intermountain Children’s Home last Thursday. Gabe, Vaughn, J.E. and Jamal delighted the groups with their Disney medley, and then really blew the minds of the kiddos when Gabe listed a few of his voice-over credits (Minecraft, Disney+ trailers, etc). Hands shot up throughout the room with students eager to make personal connections to the artists.

One girl at Central told the musicians, “I sing in the choir with Iron Horse, and this is really inspiring for me!” A student at Intermountain wondered, “What is your favorite song that you never get to sing?”

The musicians ended their outreach tour by visiting the Lewis and Clark Public Health offices, and singing for the employees there as a thank you for all their work during the pandemic. Their song, “Beauty,” written by Vaughn, was especially poignant in this setting as it emphasizes the need to embrace all that is still beautiful in the world even in difficult times.

We are so grateful to be able to share the talents of our visiting artists with the schools and community. Thank you to the Montana Arts Council for your support of Kings Return’s outreach!



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