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Puppet Puppet Slam Slam!

We had a blast this weekend at the Puppet Puppet Slam Slam! Thank you to Kim Shire and Carroll College for inviting The Myrna Loy to contribute to this event, and to The Puppet Slam Network for funding these celebratory evenings throughout the country.

The audience loved seeing the variety of puppetry styles and artists aesthetics that were represented in our line up, and I was delighted with the range of participants, from high school students to professional artists.

Artists included:

Kevin Casey and Ilgaz Ulusoy Casey

Janna Williams and Quin Vulk (MAPS Media Institute)

Lou Sechrist (and Marci Mouse)

Salome Aydlett

Kim Shire’s Puppetry Class at Carroll College (Lotus Porte-Moyel, Aileen Jones, Kelli Stone, KC Thomas, Andrew Carter, Kamden Hilborn, and Clayton Murray)

Josie Muri

Ryne Sorensen

Looking forward to the next Puppet Puppet Slam Slam!

Thanks to Ross Peter Nelson for the photos.


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