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Souzou: Creation, Imagination, Noisy

Every time the artists of Unit Souzou visit Helena, I am so grateful for their skill, artistry and discipline. Their workshops are truly fantastic, a perfect mix of physical engagement, cultural education, and joy. The students learn Japanese vocabulary (for instance Souzou can mean Creation, Imagination, or Noisy, depending on the pronunciation–a very fitting name for this dynamic group of performers), bits of history surrounding the art form and the instruments, and each student gets a chance to experience playing Taiko themselves. What more could we ask from a 50 min experience?!

This year, in addition to wrapping up their residency with Project for Alternative Learning (which began in 2019!), Unit Souzou shared their love of Taiko with students from Mountainside Montessori’s Elementary School Program and with both of Central School’s 3rd grade groups.

As Annie Tague from Mountainside said, “How wonderful it feels to be back together again experiencing the arts.”

We can’t wait to find another opportunity to share these incredible teaching artists with our schools.

Thank you to Blue Cross Blue Shield Montana for their generous support of our Arts Education Programs.


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