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Step in Time!

Last week’s workshop with the artists from Bon Debbaras of Montreal was one of the best workshops I’ve observed over my 6 years with The Myrna Loy. We visited Katy Wright’s 1st-3rd Montessori classroom at Smith School. The artists started out by playing a few songs and explaining the traditions behind their aesthetic and their instruments, but after 20 min or so, Dominic had the students up on their feet learning step dancing and body percussion. The kids were engaged, challenged, and joyful!

“The students loved seeing each individual instrument and how playing the instrument caused an emotional and physical reaction in the artist. The students loved getting up on their feet and making music together. Students who typically are quiet and not as engaged in group activities had the biggest smiles on their faces.” (Katy Wright, Smith School 1st-3rd Montessori)

“Now I’m saving my money for a mouth harp.” Student
“I thought it was pretty cool because they told us stories, taught us how to dance, and then played music for us to dance to.” Student
“These students seemed like they felt so unified through music and movement. I’ve never seen them share smiles so unselfconsciously and dance with such abandon.” Smith teacher

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