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This year for our annual storytelling residency with Project for Alternative Learning, we explored a wide variety of styles and techniques. Students worked with Ilgaz Ulusoy Casey on learning to use their bodies to express their emotions. They dissected and re-assembled well-known fairy tales, heightening specific choices and adding personal elements, with Kevin Casey. They spent a day with Unit Souzou learning the basics of Taiko, and they built shadow masks with me. The residency was a bit of a whirlwind, but as always, we were delighted to get to know a small group of the PAL students, and hope to see them back at The Myrna soon.

One student told us at the end of the session, “I went home and showed my parents how I can use my body to show how I’m feeling.” Another exclaimed, “I would take this class all year if it were offered!”


Thanks to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana and the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation for their support of our local teaching artist residencies!


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