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The Science of Sound

After their sold-out concerts last week, Willson and McKee traveled to Broadwater and Rossiter Elementary Schools to share their music and their collection of instruments with 4th and 5th grade students.

Broadwater students from Jodi Delaney’s class have been learning Irish Gaelic greetings and welcomed the artists with rousing calls of “Dia dhuit!”

The artists delighted the classes by pulling out a myriad of unusual instruments including the hammered dulcimer, the bagpipes, and an Irish bouzouki! While presenting the harp, Kim McKee asked the class if they understood how sound waves work. The students eagerly responded that they were studying sound, and had just taken apart a piano the day before to explore the strings.

As the artists packed up their instruments, students volunteered to help them load up their van, offering words of Irish appreciation for the experience. One girl raised her hand and exclaimed, “It’s everything we’ve been learning, all in one place!”

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