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Surrounded by what inspires me

How do artists, freelancers, and arts nonprofits make it through the dark weeks, when we’re refunding tickets and losing revenues? Across Montana, arts nonprofits are shuttering and still trying to pay our staff. Nonprofits can’t benefit from SBA loans, or tax incentive like our for-profit cohorts.

We dig into what we have, and we take care of our teams.

If you’re among those who have donated back your tickets for cancelled events, thank you. Those funds go to supporting Myrna Loy staff through these challenges.

We’re all feeling vulnerable right now. Wherever you are, you’re feeling it too. But vulnerability means we need each other. Scary as it is, it’s also an opportunity to strengthen community ties, and grow into more resilience.

That’s what I wish for you in the weeks to come. Strength, resilience, and a renewed sense of our interdependence. It just might save us all.

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