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Windmill, Headspin, Freeze!

Music teacher Abby Nyhof contacted The Myrna Loy to ask if there were any breakdancing teachers in town. Her 4th graders had been expressing excitement about the style, and she wanted to capitalize on their interest and give them a chance to move their bodies this winter. We contacted Derry Harpole, who teaches at Image Dancing, and set up a 4 visit residency for Warren Elementary School starting in February.

Derry covered a basic Hip Hop step sequence, as well as headstands and freezes, and even modeled a headspin for the students after his final workshop.  As a complement to the dance workshops, Abby introduced her students to DJ Kool Herc, “The Father of Hip Hop,” and had students write original raps about him.

Photos by Jason O’Neil

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