What does the Rodney Street Neighborhood mean to you?

Quirky. Historic. Diverse. One of Helena’s oldest neighborhoods.


“Rodney Street is…” is a Myrna Loy Creative Placemaking Project, in collaboration with the City of Helena. It’s a 12-month artist-led exploration of the unique creative and historic identity of our Rodney Street neighborhood.
Whatever your connection to the neighborhood, your voice matters!

In collaboration with a design collective—Amanda Reese, Ashley Moon, and Elena Johnson—we are thrilled to partner with Rodney Street community members to co-create and engage in creative placemaking activities together throughout the year.


Together, let’s envision how to celebrate our neighborhood and make it even better.


You are invited to fill out a quick survey at bit.ly/RodneySt to share what matters to you and to stay involved with upcoming activities. Respond by February 26 for a chance to win a prize.



Stop by and contribute your thoughts to a community art installation in The Myrna Loy lobby. Let’s explore what Rodney Street Is… together.


Stay tuned for future activities!



Do you have a memory or a story about a particular place or person in the Rodney Street neighborhood?

Photographer and HCTV videographer Jeanie Warden is producing a series of films about the people and places of Rodney Street. Share a story, and be part of her work!

Email [email protected] to share your story, or just to get in touch.

Check out the first of Jeanie’s interview series about Rodney Street…

Erica Durham

Nick Jacques

Stacy Henry

Donna Wallace

Bob Piccolo

Brandi Carson

Scott Zygmond

Gregory Weins

Marilyn Bennett

Roy Mulvaney

Hard Hugs

Morgan Maynard

Cathedral of Saint Helena

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